From 1999-2004, Mike Potter hosted a radio show called “Parenting Teenagers” that was broadcast on 13 stations across 5 states. He also traveled around the country hosting “Parenting Teenagers Parenting Conferences” in churches and community centers.  During that time, his Parenting Teenagers web site was full of parenting resources and was visited regularly by 15,000 parents each month.

ptlogo_lIn those 5 years, Mike hosted 165 radio shows and spoke with thousands of parents about how to become better parents.  Mike always made sure to let people know that he was NOT the parenting expert…just the messenger.  He simply used his training in communication and radio production to listen, learn, and help.


Fast forward to today.  Mike and his wife Michelle have raised their 3 children – 2 are married and one is in college.  They also are the proud grand parents of 3 beautiful grand children.  Mike is the Lead Pastor at Foothills Fellowship in Albuquerque, NM.  Like most churches, Foothills Fellowship is a church full of children…which means there are lots of parents trying to figure out the whole parenting thing!

One of the core values of Foothills is to equip members to build strong, healthy, and biblical marriages and families.  Therefore, the vast parenting resources once housed on the Parenting Teenagers web site (that have been offline for almost a decade) have been resurrected here to help Foothills parents (and of course anyone else who comes across this site) with their parenting journey.

On the left hand side of this page are page links that cover a myriad of parenting topics. Click on each one and get the parenting help you need!

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